Who We Are

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At the root of everything we do is a passion for health, nutrition and natural healing. Our vision is simple – to provide a holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of our customers using all natural plant-based ingredients. We help them reach their goals while attaining a ‘life worth living’. As our own customers, we have taken the time to fully understand and experience the outstanding benefits from these natural remedies. We have helped both friends and family overcome many health issues and conditions. And now, we are thrilled and proud to share our healthy lifestyle with you.

Our Philosophy

Designed with you in mind, our products are created with meticulous attention to your health and well-being, striking the perfect balance for the body and the mind. We believe that our physical condition and mental health are hyperconnected, each living harmoniously together to have significant impact on one another.

Our formulas are created with optimised efficacy to suit your needs. Whether you are seeking personalized advice to improve your health and well-being, searching for natural remedies to take care of specific needs, or simply looking for products that provide general health maintenance, Root & Leaf promises quality in every product to help you achieve the highest quality of life.


What you feed your body is the key to a happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. The cells in our body demand a constant supply of nutrients every day to optimize our body’s functions, which ultimately impact your mood, energy, stress, sleep, immunity, digestion and other health aspects.

That’s why we bring you superfoods ingredients – roots and leaves that are scientifically proven to be beneficial for your body, and trusted by traditional cultures for their health benefits. We formulate our products by combining different ingredients to harness their bioavailability and maximum targeted benefits, so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of our products to complement a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

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Quality & Safety

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Since we started Roots & Leaf, our goal has been to develop products with a meticulous attention to care, and formulate bespoke solutions with natural and organic ingredients ethically sourced from reliable suppliers. We are adamant about keeping impure ingredients out of the equation. That translates to products that are non-GMO, and free of heavy metals, pesticides, synthetic fillers and artificial colours.

Proudly our products are manufactured with the most stringent quality control in place. We vigorous test and re-test and to ensure that quality and safety are paramount. Some of the certificates awarded include ISO 22000, GMP, FSSAI, organic certificate USDA and organic certificate EU.

We continually strive to maintain our proven track-record in quality and safety. With that in mind you can rest assured to enjoy our products and their benefits with full confidence.