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2) Can I select more than one health goal?

We believe that a health goal can be achieved more easily when you focus on one primary goal. However, you can always retake the quiz to get a second recommendation based on another health goal.

3) Is the quiz free to take?

Yes, the quiz is absolutely free to take.

4) Is it compulsory to order the recommended supplements after taking the quiz?

No, there is no obligation to order and you can always review the recommendation under My Accounts > Recommendations after logging in.

5) Can I change my recommendations?

Yes, you can remove a recommended supplement from the pack and/or change the number of capsules you wish to take for each supplement.

6) When do you take the supplements and what is the dosage?

This varies for each supplement. For details, you can refer to our guide that comes with the package and the relevant products page.

7) How many pills are included in the package?

This varies based on your recommended pack. You can take our online quiz and find out more.

8) How is the personal information from the quiz handled?

Your information will be stored securely strictly for product recommendation purposes and will not be shared with third parties. If you wish to delete any information, please contact us at